Our Volunteers

Active Volunteers

Susan Moore

Salvina Aupetit

Brigitte Ivory

Amanda Wood

Lorrine Hobbs Twombly

Mike Hall

Wendy Sue Bradley


Deb Satcher

Becca Hyatt Bork

Christel Skidmore

Travis Satcher

Ryan Satcher

Debbie  Pontes

Jennifer Mavrelion

Heather Mavrelion


A VERY special thank you to Dan Haya and Shelly Britt for handling our Tax and accounting needs !

Special Thanks to : Chris, Dave, Connie, and Travis

And to our vet: Dr. Griffin  @  Animal Care Center of Pasco County

 , without him and his wonderful staff, our sanctuary would not exist!!


Past Volunteers

Crystal Beauregard

Chad Bowman

Laura Reinhardt


Vicky and Jason Richardson

Dale Jenkins

Kevin Skidmore

Patrick Pennington

Fred Metzel

Tiffany Taylor

Kim Calhoun

Matt Yaeger

Jason Steenis

Deleigh & Shawn McCullough

Crystal Brand

Catherine, Danae, Aroha

Casey, Diane, Melissa, Doug, Lisa, Andrea, Pip, Justine

Our heart-felt thanks to everyone who have helped the animals, past and present!!! We appreciate their time and efforts!!!



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