Meeko is a male bobcat, he is 3 years old and came from a family that could no longer take care of him together with Meerah. Meeko has been sterilized and is very talkative. Bobcats are the most common wildcat in North America, and are named so due to their short bobbed tail.  In the wild they eat rabbits and hares but they are vary versatile in their diet and are known to mice, rats, birds, bats and even adult deer. In farm areas they also can eat lamb, chickens and baby pigs. There are approximately 725,000 to 1,020,000 bobcats in the wild.





Meerah is a female bobcat that is about 3 years old and arrived with Meeko at our sanctuary in 2017. She is a very sweet and playful cat and is very attached to Meeko. 



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