Chaos is a male cougar and was someone's personal pet his entire live, living mostly indoors in For Lauderdale. He lived in a kennel type cage with a litter box on concrete. He arrived at the sanctuary on 8/30/214 and was born in 2009. His aging owner could no longer take care of him and was looking for a good permanent home for him, so we picked him up and gave him his forever home. Chaos is front-declawed but nevertheless does live up to his name and is a very agile and playful cat. 




Conan is a male South American/Florida Panther mix cougar. Conan  arrived at the sanctuary on 11/09/2008 from a sanctuary that was recently closed down by State & Federal Agencies. Conan is Pilar's half brother and was born on September 1, 2003.





Pilar is a female South American/Florida Panther mix
cougar. Pilar arrived as the sanctuary on 3/28/2008 from
a sanctuary that was recently closed down by State &
Federal Agencies. She is Conan's half-sister. Pilar was
born on June 20, 2003.


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