We have 7 ring-tailed lemurs . Amai, came to us as the matriarch with her 3 off-springs, Julian, Marietta and Maki. They came to us from a private breeder that wanted to find a home for all his lemurs. We are not really sure how old they are but when we got them in 2013, we were told her offspring was already 8 years old. In 2016, 3 years after we got our first group of ring-tailed lemurs, on a spring morning in April we realized that Amai was nursing two babies, twins.  We were told that this group would not breed but low and behold they did. Needless to say that not long after that our male lemurs were vasectomize to avoid future accidents. We do not want to breed our lemurs as we truly want to make sure that when we add animals to our sanctuary it is because they are in need of a good and permanent home.  The twins were named D'Artagnan and Elvis. 

In 2015, we received a request from a private owner that had a single ring-tail named Loki. Loki was very well taken care of and grew up in a house with regular domestic animals.  Once Loki reached the age of 3, he started attacking her and her family and became increasingly aggressive towards humans. His owner was heart-broken and decided that it was the best thing for Loki to come to our sanctuary and get acquainted with other lemurs. He was 4 years old when he arrived at our sanctuary. Loki's transition took about a year and a half but ultimately with patience, we were able to move Maki, one of the dominant females from Amai's group in the same enclosure as Loki and the two now get along just fine. Of course, since, in lemur world, the females are the boss, Maki makes sure she keeps Loki in line. 



Ringtailed Lemur
Lemur with Toy
Lemurs painting
Lemurs hanging out
Lemur playing