Miss Jennie

Miss Jennie is a female Sulcata tortoise, she arrived at the sanctuary on 10/10/2015. She was born on February 2, 2012. She spent all her life with a loving family but because she got heavier and heavier, her owner was unable to lift her up to keep her out of trouble, she was donated to us to give her a great home outdoors. Sulcata's are very small when born but are in fact the third largest tortoise in the world and can weigh up to 150 - 200 pounds live till about 150 years old. Once they grow large, they are very difficult to keep indoors or even outdoors as they dig large caves underground. 





Rufus is a male African Sulcata tortoise, he came to us on March 2, 2014. He was born in 1986 and weighs about 90 pounds. He was living at a road-side attraction in the Everglades but was fighting with another male Sulcata and both animals were getting hurt badly. Rufus also keep escaping the safety of his enclosure that he shared with some pot-bellied pigs, so their owner surrendered Rufus to us to give him a more peaceful home. 






Fluff is a 5 year old female Sulcata tortoise, she was a pet in a home but the owner could no longer take care of her. She is now growing fast at the sanctuary and enjoying grazing on grass. 






Buddy is a male Sulcata tortoise and arrived at our sanctuary on June 19, 2016. He was born in 1996 and was rescue by a wildlife rehabber when he was 18. After 2 years there, the rehabber retired and surrendered the animal to us.

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